Sunday, February 28, 2021

First Turkey Vulture of 2021...


Photo by Barry Wallace
I spotted my first Turkey Vulture of the new year on Sunday, February 28, soaring above the old Tannery Hill Farm, at Kinghorn, on the north-west corner of the King Road and Jane Street.   In just over 31 years of tracking my bird sightings, I have gone from seeing Turkey Vultures a few times in the months of July and August, to seeing them regularly now  between early March and late November.   So from 1990 to 2021, I have gone from regularly seeing these huge birds for 2 months in the summer in the early 1990s to seeing them regularly now for 9 months of the year.   What is the reason?  Mainly,  it's global warming.   Many bird species, in fact are extending the  amount of time they spend in Canada in the spring, summer and fall.   Food, especially road-kill in the case or Turkey Vultures, seems to be plentiful.
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