Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Temperanceville United Church

Photo above by Barry Wallace
Over 212 years in the making...

As a sixty-five year resident of King City, I have been in several United Churches in York Region, but Temperanceville United Church, on the northeast corner of the King Road and Bathurst Street, was never one of them.   I hope to change that in the future, when 'Covid' is brought under control. What prompts me to visit was seeing the picture above, of the chancel and nave, on the church's website.   The shapes and arrangement of the pews captured my interest, which I have to see for myself.   
It was the Protestant Reformation that brought about pews in church sanctuaries and 'in-the-round' seating that placed worshippers on three sides of the stage, thereby keeping the focal point on the cross, altar or communion table.   The style of seating layout creates more intimate worshipper engagement by placing everyone as near as possible to services.   Thus sight and sound are enhanced for all.

Photo by Barry Wallace
Above is one of the several ancient gravestones beside the Temperanceville United Church.   It recalls Michael R. Saigeon who died in 1847, at the age of 83 years.   He was a native of Main, France, and was born in 1764.
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Barry Wallace

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