Thursday, March 25, 2021

King City to change forever...

Photos by Barry Wallace 
Construction juggernaut about to change
1/4 of the entire village of King City
The snow is gone, the ground cover is gone, and now the serious change is about to take place on about 1/4 of all of King City's  remaining undeveloped land.   Welcome to the future.   The pictures here show two dozen pieces of earth displacement behemoths stationed on the south side of the 15th sideroad, between Keele and Dufferin Streets.

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Barry Wallace


  1. " And they wrote it all down as the progress of man." Paradise - John Prine

  2. Do you know if the attempt to make the east side of Dufferin, 15th Sideroad to King Road, into a conservation area, was successful?

    Sad to see the eastern Dufferin forests and farms going away. They usually begin at the centre of the land and move back towards the road, to avoid drama. At least that is what Aurora did with the 2C Lands along Leslie. They did waves of forest cutting/terraforming.

  3. sad to see nature being sacrificed for man.