Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Bold Indigenous sculpture at Sharon Temple...


Photo by Barry Wallace

Pictured above is an indigenous sculpture recently unveiled at Sharon Temple on Leslie Street, north of Newmarket.   The stump of a fallen 200 year-old maple tree, from the site, was designed and carved by Anishinaabe artist Donald Chretien and sculptor Shane Gould.   Executive Director Lori Woodyatt of Sharon Temple said it was decided to preserve the tree as a sculpture on the stump of the fallen tree.

The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation were consulted for design guidance and wisdom.   The setting will feature a garden with a arrangement of four sacred medicines including sweet grass, sage, cedar and tobacco, along with seven stone seats to represent the seven grandfather teachings.   

Plaques will acknowledge the relationship with local First Nations groups and the importance of passing down indigenous knowledge.   The carved sugar maple sculpture will stand as a symbol of reflection and hope. The 12-foot tree remnant has been carved into a female hand clenching an aluminum feather engraved with indigenous pictographs.

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Barry Wallace  

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  1. beautiful. I also like how the maple tree stump's color works well with the gold sphere on the roof of the temple and the silver colored aluminum feather works with the rest of the building.