Monday, September 11, 2023

Sharon Temple ~ National Historic Site

Photos by Barry Wallace

Sharon Temple ~ 198 years young
Illumination -  September 8, 2023

The annual illumination of Sharon Temple took place on September 8 at 8 p.m. and featured  12 choral selections by the York Regional Police Community Choir, including three selections that the public attendees participated in.   The Temple itself dates from 1825, and Illumination ceremonies by the Children of Peace,  began in 1831.   Below are photos of the temple and the surrounding grounds taken this past Sunday.


Steep precipitous stairs to the upper levels.

The Willson Study is surrounded by 200-year-old maple trees.   David Willson wrote hymns and political papers on the reform movement of the day.

The substantial Doan House was built in 1819 by Ebenezer Doan and indicates the wealth of the Doan family.

The Doan house had a circular outhouse and the privy featured two inside seats: one for an adult and one for a small accompanying child (below).

The latest installation at the Sharon Temple features a native Indian symbol,  rising from a giant hand carved on site from one of the many massive maple trees.   The recent unveiling will be followed by a dedication ceremony in the near future.


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