Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper Crane very enjoyable

My wife and I finally got to try the  food at the Paper Crane, the new sushi bar and bistro at King City's four corners, on the weekend.   We had a delicious meal that we thought was reasonably priced and left  looking forward to becoming regulars at this welcome addition to King City's dining scene.   Linda had a teriyaki dinner and I had a tempura dinner.   The appetizers were excellent and we each had a glass of white wine.   Our bill came to $58.00, which we agreed was quite reasonable.   The decor was a delightful surprise and the service was top-notch.   With Hogan's across the street and Locale's gourmet take-out next door about to open a full service dining room in the the old Crawford Wells store, and now the Paper Crane Sushi Bar, King City is taking some giant steps forward on the local York Region dining scene.   
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Barry Wallace


  1. I can taste it, nice recommendation Barry. Always good to see positive reviews.

  2. ooo...i will try this out!!