Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Views of Lloydtown ~ then and now

Image: Mayberry Fine Art website
"In Lloydtown, Ontario"  ~  Alfred Joseph Casson  ~  1932 ~ Oil on panel (9 x 11")
Main St., Lloydtown, 1895  ~  Photo (Elizabeth Gillham collection)  ~  King Library website 
Main St., Lloydtown, 1908  ~  Photo (Elizabeth Gillham collection)  ~  King Library photo
Photo taken this week in same spot as1908 photo above  ~  B. Wallace

In the Elizabeth Gillham collection photos above, the street in the photos is described as Main Street. Today the same street is now know as Rebellion Way.   A notable commonality in the top three images is the building with the dormer windows.   Sadly, it no longer exists.

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Barry Wallace

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