Thursday, August 16, 2012

The King City subdivision that's not in King

Photo by Barry Wallace
13 of the 15  manor homes in Greenpark's Churchill Estates, abutting King City's southern boundary, along the north side of the King-Vaughan Townline, between Keele and Jane Streets, are already sold.   You'd better hurry if you're interested in one of the two remaining sites.   This development looks, to all intents and purposes, like it is part of the village of King City.   Its new residents will no doubt avail themselves of all of King City's amenities, but the new home-owners will be living in the city of Vaughan.   This is because of municipal boundary realignments, years ago, when York County became the Region of York.   At that time, Vaughan's northern boundary with King Township was moved north by one rural lot width, to overcome who had jurisdiction of the complete roadway separating the municipalities.   All 15 of these houses, which range up to just under 8,000 sq. ft., and start at $2 million, are located on a single street named Stallions Court.   Even the street name sounds like it belongs in horsey King.   Welcome to the village, folks.
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Barry Wallace     

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