Monday, August 13, 2012

Tim & Brenda's Classic Car show in King Township in support of Prostrate Cancer research

Tim and Brenda Schmidt and ABC Group, plus its affiliated suppliers hosted a hugely successful car show at the family's King Township farm, on Weston Road, this past Sunday.   I couldn't resist taking my grandsons and they had a great time.   So did I, my wife wife, Linda, daughter Allison, and son-in-law, Rob.   Last year's inaugural event raised $50,000.   Global News 6 p.m. news reported that this year's proceeds were over $70,000.   If you love cars, make sure you catch this show next year.   It's fantastic!  
Photos by Barry Wallace
This Vipers (above) caught the eyes of my grandson William and my wife Linda 
Two of my grandsons, Spencer (above) and William (below) enjoyed the children's rides. 
Not only is the Schmidt car collection fantastic, but it may also house the world's biggest collection of Hot Wheels toy cars.
Motorcycles are also part of the Schmidt collection and they caught the eye of my son-in-law, Rob, and his boys.
Grandson William was blown away by all the chrome, above and below, under the hoods of the hundreds of cars competing for best in show.
What's a classic show without appropriate rock music?  It was great!

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Barry Wallace


  1. boys and cars! so sweet.

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun in the event! But I, too, would enjoy seeing beautiful and outstanding cars in one place. And I think your two grandsons are showing early signs of car affection! Just a few more events like this and they would get the car love bug. The fun thing about going to these kinds of events is you get to know bits and pieces about cars and their history. And a concert at the end of the event is an added bonus!

  3. The wonderment in your grandsons’ faces is infectious! Aside from looking at cool cars, one thing that I enjoy looking in car shows are the amazement in people’s faces. It gives me pride that my beloved interest is responsible for those smiles. =)

    Arlyne Nelms