Thursday, November 15, 2012

'camera on King' is one year old

The one year mark has just passed for this blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed each day producing it.   When I started it I said it would be mainly photographic and I think that is how it has worked out.   I enjoy writing about the pictures as much as I like taking the pictures.   Doing it ever day, as well as writing a daily birding blog, has not be as daunting as I once thought.   One year later, and 13,173 page-views later, I am satisfied with the effort and the feedback and look forward to the next 12 months.
The one blog entry that created the most comments was the one about the opening of the Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro.   A reader of that blog had dined at the Paper Crane on its opening day in July -- Friday the 13th!   The patron had what he or she described as a less than satisfying dining experience.   18 readers, who have since dined at the Paper Crane, have praised it unanimously.   My wife and I have eaten there twice and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.   If there were opening day jitters last July, then they are certainly a thing of the past now.   Best wishes for much success are extended to the folks at the Paper Crane.
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Barry Wallace   


  1. Happy "Camera on King" Anniversary. Thank you Berry for having created this blog and for all the work you are doing for it. I personally enjoy it very much.

  2. Congratulations and many thanks to you for this blog. It brings back many happy memories and keeps me in touch with the old stomping ground. The pictures are beautiful.

  3. This is usually the first blog I open each day and I enjoy each one. And agree about Paper Crane.

  4. congrats on one year!! i really enjoy your blog...and learn a lot from it too!