Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hunting in King...necessary?

A reader of this blog wrote to me yesterday to tell me that someone, on a neighbouring property, had built a hunting tower.   The reader was dismayed that deer are likely to be killed almost in their backyard.   The reader's house is located in a part of King that many people consider an unofficial natural heritage and environmentally-sensitive area.   The reader thinks that the killing of deer near to one's back door is brutal and totally insensitive to the feelings of nearby folks who object to hunting.   Hunting may be legal in King but that does not mean it is appropriate in situations with mitigating circumstances.   Deer stands can be found in a number places on private property in King Township.   The one in the picture on the right is located on the edge of King City.   I am not a hunter.   I can understand subsistence hunting by native people in remote areas of this country, but beyond that I see no need for sport hunting, especially near inhabited areas, in King Township.   I cannot think of any good reason for this type of hunting adjacent to one's next-door neighbour.   Hopefully these instances will be few and far between and that the killing of animals around us in King will soon become a thing of the past.
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  1. this makes my stomach turn!!

  2. I live on a 50 acre parcel in King Twp and RAREly have seen deer. I thought it was because of the coyotes. This should be outlawed and BANNED!
    Heather Milosh

  3. I expected more from a man that is seemingly so connected to nature and history! To think that hunting is evil and the conditions in modern poultry, swine, and beef operations as humane... I huge disappointment, Barry! Better out hunting on a fall morning than watching the television...and venison is a delicacy.

    1. you people need to move back in T.O