Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What can you hunt in King?

Deer at Kettleby  ~  Winter 2011
Photo by Barry Wallace 
A couple of readers of this blog recently wrote to comment about references I had made about hunting in King Township.   Deer were the focus of the discussions.   The readers were definitely anti-hunting.   I stated that I saw no good argument for hunting deer in King Township.   I then realized that I was passing an opinion on something, about which I was not fully knowledgeable.   On Monday of this week, I went to the Township of King offices to inquire about a hunting regulations booklet or for directions to info online.   Adriana in By-law Services was very helpful.   After some searching, I discovered the following.   The 2012 Ontario regulations  state that in Wildlife Management Unit 78C (King Township) you cannot hunt deer.   However, here is what you can hunt in King, under certain provisions: wolf, coyote, turkey, fox, skunk, weasel, opossum, raccoon, rabbit, hare, squirrel,  pheasant, grouse (Ruff and Spruce) and snapping turtle.   Frankly, I don't see the need for sport-hunting any of these creatures in King Township.   I believe the balance of nature in King Township should  be left to the animals, not to people with firearms.
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Barry Wallace 

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  1. well that's good to know!
    a couple of weeks ago a deer was about to cross Mill Rd. as i was driving my son to school. WOW!! 10 feet from a about a natural was so so beautiful.
    btw...I saw are really nice article about you in the Mosaic cool!