Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold but fresh January herbs

Photo by Barry Wallace
The photo above shows part of the preparation for a meal my wife and I enjoyed this past weekend.   I would draw your attention to the small measuring cup of parsley.   A little over a month ago, we moved all the pots of herbs from outside the house and moved them into the garden shed, where they would rest and shrivel up over the course of the winter.   It's been fairly mild in southern Ontario so far, much like last winter.   We have been making trips to the garden shed each afternoon to pick herbs that will become part of our dinner.   We can choose from several herbs and there's nothing like fresh herbs, even if they are a little chilly.   As far as we're concerned, we're into bonus territory now and will enjoy the extra flavours while we can.   Bon appetit.
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Barry Wallace  

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