Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last days of St. Paul's by Robert Burnham

Last March I took some pictures of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church cemetery on Hwy. 27 at Linton, a few kilometres north of Nobleton.   I included the photos in this blog and wrote about some of the  King pioneers buried there.   I did not have a picture of the church, however.   Now, 10 months later, an anonymous visitor to the blog has sent me 13 photos of the Linton church, taken by a gentleman named Robert Burnham, when the church was being dismantled between 1970 and 1973.   I am including some of the photographs here to show what the church looked like prior to its demise.   There's a sadness to the photos perhaps for those who never enjoyed the church life of the old St.Paul's at Linton.   For those who were members of the old congregations, there are those who will see beyond the dismantled walls and floors and remember with fondness their time there.
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Barry Wallace

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