Monday, January 28, 2013

Once a church ~ now a barn

Photo by Barry Wallace
I've taken several pictures of this pleasant scene over the years and have included some in this space on a couple of occasions.   I haven't, however, written about the special origin of this structure, on Dufferin Street, north of Eversley.   The fact is this building was originally the Temperanceville Presbyterian Church.   It was built in 1858 at the south-west corner of the King Road and Bathurst Street.   The small church was affiliated with several other Presbyterian churches and congregations in the area, over the years, but in July of 1912, the last service was held at the Temperanceville church.   According to Elizabeth Gillham, in her Early Settlements of King Township book, soon after the closing of the church, it was converted to a private residence.   Finally, in 1971, the former church was designated to be demolished because of road widening.   Dr. Michael Willinsky purchased the old church and took it down, board by board.   He rebuilt it on property he owned, north of Eversley on Dufferin Street.   There was a barn-raising and the old church, with a few design modifications, appeared as you see above.   It has lasted another 41 years as a haven for critters like the ones pictured here.   Below is a photograph from Elizabeth Gillham's book showing the church, at Temperanceville, in 1908.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Thank you for the information, Barry. I do appreciate your blog very much. What a great job you do. The picture you have posted today could - in my opinion - make a nice Christmas card.