Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Discovering Schomberg's Roselena Dr. footpath

Photos by Barry Wallace
This view of the trail is on the south side of Roselena Drive, at Schomberg's southern end and follows the Holland River eastward toward the Kitchen-Breedon Manor and library grounds.

There are a variety of mature tree species along the trail, with many, like the willows (above left) and the Yellow Birch (above right) having reached the maximum height (70-75 ft.) for the species in this part of southern Ontario.

Above and below ~ trail flora and fauna

A prelude to autumn colours

The small trail-side pool (above) on today's Holland River is a much reduced version of the broad and long millpond that powered Schomberg's (Brownsville) first mill, built and operated by Thomas Brown in 1836.   His mill stood the test of time for over 125 years. 

The highest point on the trail is on a hillside, on the north side of Roselena Drive.   The view from here in all directions includes some rooftops but is essentially a statement of southern Schomberg's abundant verdancy.   In the photo below, a wooden bridge crosses the Holland River and connects the trail with the grounds of the Kitchen-Breedon Manor.   The main trail continues westward behind the houses on the north side of Roselena Drive.  

The trail reaches the western end of Roselena Drive (on the north side) at Fox Trail Park. Across the road on the south side of the street is the spot where I began my circular journey in this lovely part of Schomberg.

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Barry Wallace


  1. 'Holland River" sounds so much more sophisticated than "Schomberg Creek"!

  2. Beautiful photographs, made me feel proud of this little spot,not many people know about it.
    I think it's that steep hill to climb, you have to be fit to get to the top!