Saturday, September 20, 2014

I've bought a new ORTA guidebook

Photo by Barry Wallace

I have replaced my old Oak Ridges Trail Association Guidebook (3rd edition - 2002) with a brand new 6th edition (2012).   After 10 years there are many changes and additions to the trail...far too many for me to keep up with, without an excellent product such as this.   The book is described in detail on the ORTA website and there is information about ordering one from the association.   The price for non-members is $37 (including GST, shipping and handling). Also on the website is a list of 31 retail places where the guidebook can be purchased.   I paid $39.95 + tax for my copy at one of the listed locations.   This book is so informative and easy to use.   No one who loves to tramp about the moraine should be without one.   Happy hiking.

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Barry Wallace  

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