Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lake Wilcox Park promenade now open

Pictured above are just two of dozens of wildlife art sculptures lining the promenade of the Town of Richmond Hill's new Lake Wilcox Park, on Bayview Avenue, between North and South Lake Wilcox Roads, in the community of Oak Ridges.   The park is about seven minutes east of King City.   There numerous art installations already in the park and they include images as simple and subtle as the oak leaf (below) engraved into a huge boulder between the lake's shore and the promenade.

Photos by Barry Wallace
This remarkable metal art installation is also a large sculpted storyboard featuring geographically-correct cutouts of Lake Wilcox, and nearby Bond Lake and Shadow Lake.   The names in a reverse-silhouette presentation recall early pioneers and settlers in the area.   The overall image is both stark and historically powerful.
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