Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring is just around the corner...almost

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Black Forest is ready for spring
My dear lady and I dropped into Black Forest Garden Centre yesterday to see how the preparations for spring were going.   Despite the ongoing cool temperatures, melting snow and ice has been orderly and manageable and the launch into the spring gardening season should be well organized.   Black Forest is still a strong family operation with three of the Khonen brothers (George, John and Karl) and their parents (Gerhard and Katharina) on hand to welcome King's gardeners.   Pictured below are brothers George (left) and John Khonen (right) about to take an afternoon tea break from their preparations for the new gardening season.   Warm air filled the greenhouses on this day making it hard to leave.   Black Forest is on the east side Keele Street, a few hundred metres north of the 17th Sideroad. 

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Barry Wallace

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