Friday, May 1, 2015

April could have used a few more days

 Photos by Barry Wallace
   April usually holds much promise in the garden but this year the first full month of spring seemed to be a bit behind schedule.   A couple of daffodils and a few small early perennials is about the extent of things, on Forde Crescent, going into May. 

Hummingbirds usually show up in our backyard between May 3 and 10.   We're ready for them with eight nectar feeders up and full of the sweet stuff.   The small pink, mauve and purple flowers in the picture immediately above are a great favourite of hummingbirds, even though they are very close to the ground.   I don't know the name of this flower but it is a true 'hummer' magnet.   It is only a few inches tall and 'hummers' do not like to be low to the ground, but make an exception for this early spring bloomer.   A few more warm days and flowers and hummingbirds will be bursting on the scene.

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Barry Wallace

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