Friday, May 8, 2015

Wearing my Terra Greenhouses colours

 Photo by Barry Wallace
Linda and I dropped into Terra Greenhouses on Friday afternoon for a few vegetable and strawberry plants.   As I hobbled along on my crutches and pushing a cart, one of the Terra staffers passed by me and complimented me on my Terra colours, in particular the purple cast on my right foot.   Terra's corporate colours are purple and yellow (or maybe it's gold).   I thanked the Terra lady for her comment and then realized I was wearing purple and yellow (see photo at left).   I have been told by the specialist I am seeing that I will probably have to wear a cast for as long as a year, to deal with my particular problem.   I may be required to have a new cast twice a month, or perhaps three or four times a month.   There are many colours from which to choose.   I started with black and then moved to purple.   A teenage male patient, with a purple cast, at the hospital I attend said purple was "THE color, man".   I think the only colour I may have a problem with is pink, although my two young granddaughters would probably shriek "YES! YES! YES!"  
Oh, by the way, I had to look up the spelling of shriek, after mispelling it three times.   Wait a minute...aren't there two Ss in mispelling?!?

Photo by Linda Wallace
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Barry Wallace

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