Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grey squirrel owns the backyard

 Photos by Barry Wallace

This grey squirrel more or less owns our backyard.   Of the 10 resident squirrels that inhabit the adjoining backyards of my house and three neighbours, this squirrel is numero uno.   It always gets first crack at bird feeders, no matter how small the feeders are (see top photo).   As for the bird baths, of which there are three, it gets first dibs on all of them.   It mostly ignores me and my cat but will give us pointed stares as if it is asking: "Who are you people?"   If there's one thing I've learned about squirrels after all these years, it's that you can have bird feeders and squirrels, in your backyard...or you can get rid of all the bird feeders and the squirrels as well, but you cannot have bird feeders without squirrels.   It's one of nature's prerogatives.
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Barry Wallace

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