Saturday, October 27, 2018

Former Nobleton Junior Public School demolished

 Photos by Barry Wallace
The former Nobleton Junior Public School on the south side of the King Road, just east of Hwy. 27, was demolished this week.   The building, dating from 1936, was owned and sold by the York Region School Board to a developer with, I believe, as yet unannounced plans for the site. The Township of King's demolition approval was subject to certain conditions which included the old school's bell tower and bell be salvaged and stored, opportunities and costs be explored for the restoration and display of the bell and tower on township property in Nobleton, commemoration of the school by a story-board or other informational device on township property in Nobleton, and that any proposed redevelopment of the property incorporate materials and /or design elements of the existing structure to reflect its original character.   We shall see what we shall see.

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Barry Wallace

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