Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kettleby then and now...

Photo: Album of Oldies / Elizabeth Gillham
Kettleby photos: 1908 and 2018

Photo by Barry Wallace
The two photos above were taken 110 years apart.   The streetscape may have changed somewhat in appearance, but not much situation-wise.   The top photo is from Elizabeth Gillham McClure's Album of Oldies book, published locally by her 40 years ago.   The building (second from the right in both photos) began as the Kettleby General Store and was erected c.1851.   Today it is known as Dorio's Kettleby Italian Bakery, and has been operating as such for the past 15 years.   While this Kettleby General Store was always a community hub, it also benefitted from housing the Kettleby post office, which meant that at one time or another, everyone in Kettleby likely visited this busy establishment.  Kettleby's first post office was opened 167 years ago on August 6, 1851.   At that time it was called 'Kettleby Mills, Canada West'.   The word 'Mills' disappeared eight years later in 1859.   Presumably, the store/post office operated in parts of three centuries.
Kettleby is a treasure.   It is at the heart of King's origin and history.   It roots us in this small and beautiful part of the world. 
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Barry Wallace  

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  1. Fascinating, clearly logging was big back then with the lack trees showing.