Sunday, October 21, 2018

New Oak Ridges Library?

Photos by Barry Wallace
I'm looking a little east of King in this blog ... towards Oak Ridges.   Many King Township residents patronize not only the four library branches in King, but also the Oak Ridges branch of the Richmond Hill Library, on Yonge Street just north of the King Road.   In July of 2016, Richmond Hill awarded a contract for a new library to be built and opened 17 months later, but rain delays and contractual issues forced a completion date a further 5 months, to the end of March, 2018.   Another 1/2 year of delays forced the town to terminate the contractor's work and make a claim against the project's bonding company.   Bottom line?   Still no completion date.   Local readers also have to contend with reduced library facilities in King City (in the Senior's Centre)  due to its new building construction.   Modern-day construction woes?   I think I've read this book before.
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Barry Wallace   

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  1. What a shame that the library's fate is "hanging in the air". Hopefully its construction will be finished soon and the public be able to enjoy it.