Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New wine bar opens in Schomberg ...

Photos by Barry Wallace
A historic building in the heart of Schomberg, at 214  Main Street, opened this past Saturday as LOT 15 WINE BAR & EATERY.     The business is operated by Allison Mumford, who currently runs The Roost Cafe, on Keele Street South in King City.  The Roost has been very successful since opening two years ago, and Allison (see photo below) has high hopes for her second new enterprise in King Township. 

Whereas Ms Mumford operates the Roost Cafe on her own in King City, she has opened LOT 15 WINE BAR & EATERY with a partner, Mark Ross, in Schomberg.   I had lunch at LOT 15 on Monday and the food, wine and service was topnotch.   In addition to the sauvignon blanc I had with my avacado sandwich, I was especially surprised by a sip of smooth and tasty chardonnay, that was bottled locally, just a few kilometres west of Schomberg. The chardonnay was almost as light-bodied as the sauvignon blanc.   Best wishes to Allison and Mark.
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Barry Wallace

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