Friday, November 30, 2018

Parking at new King township offices...

 Photos by Barry Wallace

Parking at the new King Township municipal centre is already a problem.   The photos above were taken on Wednesday afternoon of this week a 2 pm. and all 107 parking spots seemed completely full.   The inaugural council meeting on Monday evening, Dec. 3rd, will be facilitated by return shuttle bus rides for attendees to three different parking areas in the village of King City.   One also needs to very cautious at certain times of the day and night when accessing and exiting the entrance on the King Sideroad.  A 'rear-ender' accident has already occured, just a week or so after the public opening of the site.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Barry would you by chance have a photo of the old township office? I think it was located west of the 400 on the King Rd.

  2. I wonder if "eco" aspirations conflict with current reality, when it came to determining the parking design. I saw this over and over again when new city or school or college buildings were built over the last few years. It sort of takes the good vibes/happy glow off new facilities real fast.