Sunday, March 17, 2019

1st Starling last week ~ 1st Grackle this week

Photo by Barry Wallace
Starling and Grackle are back... 
... what about Red-winged Blackbird?

Our first Starling of the year arrived on March 5th, followed by a Grackle on the 14th.   That leaves the Red-winged Blackbird to complete the blackbird trio.   Based on the warmer weather forecasts, I'm predicting one day next week for the 'Red-wing's' arrival.
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. You must be a real early bird Barry. I am posting at 4:15 waiting to drive my daughter to the airport and here is your post of the day.

  2. I saw Red-wings in the McKenzie Marsh yesterday as well as a few robins. Made me smile, while my dog looked on with a surprised "what-the-heck?" expression. Geese pairs are also beginning to jostle for nesting locations before the huge crowds arrive in April.

  3. There have been lots of Red Wing Black Birds in the Humberland subdivision of Oak Ridges for a while now. Come over for a visit! We have a resident owl too!