Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Thawing - freezing - thawing - freezing...

Photo: Barry Wallace
This photo was taken on Tuesday morning on Keele Street, near to Dog Tales Sanctuary.   There are a few other spots like this around the township this week.   A couple of warm days are to happen this week and then temperatures slip back around the freezing mark.   My dear wife slipped on some ice last Sunday and broke a wrist.   Major MacKenzie Hospital Emergency Department was filled on Sunday with   folks who had falls.   I mentioned to one of the 'emerg' receptionists, around 9 a.m. that it was so slippery outside the hospital that there might be people coming in, who had actually fallen between the parking lot and emergency department.   She replied "We've already had two this morning".   At least they were close to help.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Isn't that road terrible to drive on right now Barry? It really needs to be resurfaced.

    Keep your eye on the property just south of the ice on the west side. It was sold last year, around 100 acres I believe and the new owner already put up a new steel barn. It has a million dollar view to the west so I would not be surprised to see a big home get built there.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Wishing your wife speedy recovery.