Thursday, March 14, 2019

Kirby and Betty - dogs on my street

Photos by Barry Wallace
The photo above appeared in this blog space back on January 28, about a month and a half ago.   It shows my neighbour's (Lee-Ann) dog Kirby, in his winter weather gear.   The picture below shows Kirby, on the right, and his female friend, Betty, on the left, in the same spiffy outfit, walking around Forde Crescent.   It turns out that the two dogs know each other well.   LeeAnn owns Kirby, and LeeAnn's mum owns Betty, who happens to be an official service dog.   Betty helps her owner, who has a seeing problem, get around.   If you think Betty's got pink poodle ears, you're correct.   I didn't ask how that came about, But LeeAnn told me the pink has just about disappeared.   It goes without saying that these two turn a few heads as they pass by.

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Barry Wallace

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