Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Barred Owl sightings around King City...

                                                                                                     Photos by Barry Wallace
A few people have contacted me about Barred Owl sightings around the King City area after I posted a photo of one, which I photographed near the Pine Farms Orchard, north of King City.   Barred Owls hunt a night but are sometimes seen during the day perched in trees in fairly open areas.   Normally, they rest quietly in dark, thick groves of trees in lowland forests during the day, but more and more people are reporting them, to the exclusion of other owls in this area.   'Barreds' are large owls, with black eyes and cross-barring on the neck and breast and streaks on the belly, and make for an impressive sighting.   My brother Bob, up Parry Sound way, had one near his house throughout this past winter.   The photos in this blog were taken by me at Pine Farms Orchard a couple of weeks ago.   There are three species of owls in Canada that have black eyes: the Barn Owl, Northern Spotted Owl and the Barred Owl. 

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Barry Wallace

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