Thursday, April 4, 2019

Juncos have stayed at least five months...

Photo by Barry Wallace
I photographed this Junco last year, early in the evening of Thursday, November 1,  just as a wee bit of snow blew in.   The juncos in our backyard have now been with us just over five months.   There are only four left, however. The other half dozen headed north over the last several days.   The four still eating seeds on the ground, under the feeders, will probably disappear in a few days.   I hate to see these dear little birds go, but I crave spring so.   Until next November then...
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Barry Wallace


  1. Interesting I had no idea that they were a more nirthern species.

  2. I have four to six in my backyard every year after the snow melts. They only stay a few weeks and are a pleasure to have around. Lucky you had them all winter.

    One of the cold snaps knocked out our resident Chickadee group...our yard has been way too quiet this winter.