Saturday, April 13, 2019

Two old photos of Kinghorn School...

                                                                            Photos: King Township Museum

Kinghorn School ... then ... and then
Usually, when I do a 'then and now' photo item in this space, it is a shot of something very, very old, and a modern-day shot of the same thing.   In this case however, the original Kinghorn school (SS #23), on the King Road, just east of Jane Street, is seen in a photo (top) dated 1888.   The second photo of the same school was taken almost 50 years later in 1937, on the occasion of Walter Rowling Day, a tribute to a renowned, longtime teacher.   Now, after 121 years, the old school is still in place, but has been absorbed into the King Heritage & Cultural Centre, which in all likelihood will exist for several decades to come.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Interesting story about Walter Rolling -one of the teachers in Canada. His family came up from the U.S. in 1835 to Laskey , where his father was postmasterfor many years.
    My dad who went to school at kinghorn just after Mr Rolling retired remembered attending his retirement celebration. Details of the family history can be found on the Kinghorn School Days web site