Monday, April 1, 2019

Signs in Kingcross Estates...

Photos by Barry Wallace
One wonders if the wildlife in the Kingscross Estates area of King City will have any native habitat left, given what appears to be a complete eradication of the original 1960s  estate homes and the construction of monsters homes that cover what seems to be half of the 2-acre lots.   Below is another sign of the modern times in Kingcross.   It is one of numerous signs for HARD AT WORK INC., the major builder of the myriad of monster homes going up in the 'new' Kingcross Estates.

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Barry Wallace


  1. My wife and I often wonder why people buy such large homes, particularly when they don't have a large family to fill rhem.

    To us it is more to clean so what is the point other than the investment.

  2. Ontario is like Texas in that way. Its a cultural thing.

  3. I don't like the use of the term "monster" home as it is used by the boomers. After all, when the original homes in the area were built their size deviated from the mean average size home in town at the time at a rate in excess of the rate in which these newly constructed homes in the area deviate from the mean average size home in town today. The average sized home in 1970 was 1,200 sq. ft. Today it is 2,800 sq. ft.