Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Reading Pierre Berton's 50 books...

                                                                                                    Photo by Barry Wallace
Earlier this year I stated that I was going to join my old high-school buddy, Ted Bird (left) of Schomberg, in reading all 50 books written by the renowned Canadian author Pierre Berton.  I've read 42 of his books so far, but seemed to have come to a bit of blockage.   The libraries in the York Region area have been more than helpful, but the remaining books they have cannot be removed from the premises, which means one would have to read them inside the libraries.   With all due respect, a chair and table at the library is not as comfortable as my big soft sofa chair and large footstool in front of the fireplace.   Ted, meanwhile has now read over 30 of Berton's books and is still tracking down others.  I am however ending the quest.   It was fun and immensely educational and I have thanked Ted for launching me on the journey.
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Barry Wallace  

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