Monday, July 19, 2021

Laskay Emporium's move to Pioneer Village...

Herewith are three photos of the Laskay Emporium in various states and times of its 176-year existence.   The top photo was taken at some point after 1845.   The middle  photo was taken in 1960 when the Emporium was moved to Black Creek Pioneer Village in North York.   The bottom photo was taken after its move and restoration at Black Creek. 

Bottom photo by Barry Wallace
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Barry Wallace


  1. cool photos. Thank you, Barry

  2. In earlier times Laskay had 2 stores, 2 churches, 2 mills, a hotel, a community park, a community hall, a school and a black smith shop. It is now referred to as a “ghost town of the GTA” and totally over grown with the trees.

  3. It looked a lot better when it was owned by the Glasses, Tories and the Hunters. If you provide an email address I will send you some pictures . JIm Hunter

  4. I failed to mention there were quite a few productive farms in Laskay as well.