Saturday, July 31, 2021

My King City house goes up for sale...

Photo by Barry Wallace
After 36 years of living in the house pictured above, on Forde Crescent in King City, I have put the house up for sale.   After losing my dear wife Linda to cancer 18 months ago, I have decided to leave King City and to move into the brand new Delmanor Aurora retirement community.   I'll be one block away from my eldest daughter, her husband and their two boys.   What becomes of my 'Camera on Kingblogsite when I move from King City to Aurora?   Well, nothing in the foreseeable future.   That will also be the case for my  'BarrytheBirder' blogsite.   I'm expecting to have even more time to spend on photographic pursuits for my two blogsites.   See you down the road.
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. Food for you Barry, I guess the time is right in yourlife. Good luck with the sale and make sure to put in a condition that the new owners must feed the birds!

    Glad that you are got to carry on with your blogs. I go to this one every day when I log in my computer or turn on my cell phone on weekends.

  2. Another long time resident says good bye to King City. You've probably witnessed more changes to the village than just about anyone.
    Again thanks for the blog and I look forward to your postings.

  3. You are now the second person from King telling that you are moving to Delmanor in Aurora. My friend and her husband are also getting their house ready for sale. They too have been leaving in their house for 30+ years. Hope you will be able to sell your house soon and that your house will have new owners who are as caring as you and Linda were. Going through all the stuff one has accumulated throughout the years is the tough part. I wish you luck and lots of happiness .