Sunday, July 4, 2021

New paved path to King City Dog Park...

Photos by Barry Wallace
New dog park access from King Road
A new asphalt walkway has been laid connecting the south sidewalk of the King Road with the King City Dog Park.   The paved path begins just west of the overpass above the GOTrain tracks, west of Keele Street.   The location of the dog park is in an excellent spot in the centre of the village but not particularly easy to get to.   Many visitors park at the north end of Hogan Court and take the short gravel path north to the park.   Now, visitors and their dogs have additional southerly access from the King Road.

The King City gal at right and her small daughter were visiting the dog park last Friday morning.   They were letting their two active dogs, with a ball, scamper around the park to their hearts' content.

if you wish.


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