Thursday, January 18, 2024

King City Cemetery Deadhouse - 1887

Photos by Barry Wallace

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Barry Wallace


  1. Creepy, I can just imagine the smell in the spring. You should re-post this on Halloween Barry!

  2. As a small boy in the 50's , Dad would take us to the cemetery to visit his uncle -Earl " Yik" Campbell . He was the grave digger and groundskeeper at the King City Cemetery and I have memories of him leaning on a shovel over a partly dug grave telling stories of hunting , setting out traplines , tapping maple trees in the sugar bush and of his time spent in The Great War . He told us of the deadhouse and what it was used for and ask if we'd like to take a look inside. My brother and I just shook our heads "no". That was part of the King City I grew up in.