Thursday, January 25, 2024

Tamed wild critters at Delmanor Retirement...

Photos by Barry Wallace

Residents at Delmanor Retirement residences, on Yonge Street in Aurora, were recently introduced to tamed wild animals from  Above, Delmanor resident Pat Crombie gets up close to a smooth-skinned King Snake named Clyde, while below, Ron Thornton introduces himself to Poncho, a 30-year-old Amazon Parrot.

Other critters included Marlie, above, a rabbit from Europe, who eats 200 times a day.

A very friendly Asian turtle, named Periwinkle, ( above and below) took over the meeting room and wandered among the Delmanor residents, at its leisure.

Above and below, a very tame Flying Squirrel named Milo caused quite a commotion flying from its handler's hands to the laps of many of the surprised, but amused, Delmanor residents.

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Barry Wallace

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