Saturday, August 31, 2019

Anyone know what this is?

Photo by Barry Wallace
I think it's a headlight dimmer
I took this picture earlier this week at the Pine Farms Apple Orchard on the 15th Sideroad, north of King City.  The headlight is on the right fender of what I'm guessing is a 70-year-old 1951 Chevrolet sedan.   The upper halves of both headlights have been covered by metal black-out covers, screwed onto the top half of each headlamp housing.   I remembered that this was a tactic employed in Britain in the second world war, to keep from drawing the attention of enemy aircraft flying over England.   In those days, or rather nights, the headlight baffles covered a lot more than half the headlight, to maximize the effectiveness of the ploy.   I'm not sure how an early 50s Chevy came to have a similar feature.   Anyone know the answer to this curiosity?
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace

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  1. I believe the car is a 1951 Chevy Styleline. They had a windshield visor, half the rear tires covered and half the headlights covered as options. If I recall correctly it was style over substance - they served no purpose other than to look good but I'm not 100% sure.