Monday, August 12, 2019

King City ready for 8 storeys in village centre?

Photos by Barry Wallace
This billboard at the northeast corner of Keele Street and King Road in the centre of King City, shows a proposed development for 'Luxurious Condo Residences, Prime Retail, Restaurant and Office Space' in structures that appear to be as high as eight storeys, just a stone's throw from the old historic bakery.   This should create a stir!

The site is diagonal to the Hogan's Inn on the southwest corner of Keele St. / King Rd. intersection.   The photo below shows the cleared site from the seniors apartment complex at the west end of Dew Street. 



if you wish.



  1. Is it where the King Market used to be?

  2. If you click on kingcityontmemoriesto1967 and scroll down to an article titled George "Nip" Armstrong's Memories of King City , it offers a detailed account of what life was once like at the corner of Keele St. and King Rd. A different world for sure. Apparently the bakery was once a veterinary office run by a Dr.Pinkerton.