Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dropping in for gelato at Dorio's Bakery

Photos by Barry Wallace
Want to get hand-scooped ice cream in a cone?   You still can in Kettleby, at Dorio's Italian Bakery.   Today I switched to orange gelato for a delicious change.  They have about eight flavours...all so tempting.   There are several pictures and paintings of the old bakery in Dorio's, but today I spotted one I had not noticed before.  It was partially obscured by a large potted plant.   It was a painting of the old bakery by the late, local and well-known Canadian water-colourist Jake Mol.   I moved the potted plant and got a photo of the painting which you see below.   Lovely colours and an interesting perspective, I believe.   Have a peek at it the next time you drop by for hand-scooped ice cream or gelato, in a cone or a cup.

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Barry Wallace

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