Monday, April 23, 2012

Duck's view of new condos

Photo by Barry Wallace

The Residences of Spring Hill luxury adult-lifestyle condominiums rise above the adjacent wetlands on the south side of the King Road, west of Keele Street in King City.   The condos will have a commanding view of a large part of the village upon completion.
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Barry Wallace


  1. I'm sort of shocked that King City is building so much. Even with the town homes. In a sense it takes away some of King City's charm. What do you think?

  2. I agree Karen. However, the lands surrounding the village have been owned by the developers for decades and it was just a matter of time. Having recently turned 70 I'm losing my desire for cutting grass, shovelling snow and cleaning out eavestroughs. Living in one of those condominiums apartments may be in my future. I certainly have mixed feelings about development.
    Regards, Barry

  3. I just would like for the development to have some more cedar shakes or batten know, more of a craftsman style or something like that.
    I just very recently moved to King City with my young family in the area called King Creek. It's pretty breathtaking. And when we build in a few years I will definitely make the house blend in with the nature around.
    I'm really enjoying reading and learning from your blog. If you ever need any idea's for posts, how about fun and interesting places to see and visit around King :)
    Take care,

  4. The ducks view of new condos is given in the post here. Useful infromation