Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dufferin Marsh ~ bat house

Photo by Barry Wallace

I was looking for kingfishers at the Dufferin Marsh on Wednesday and came across the item pictured above.   This bat house stands near the west side of the south pond, at Dufferin Marsh, in Schomberg.   The bat box itself is atop a pole, almost 4 metres above the ground.   It has only been in place since last fall.   Mary Asselstine of the Dufferin Marsh Committee tells me the box is an original design and hand-made by Jimmy Dala of Schomberg.   The colour of the box is black, which absorbs the heat of the day and warms the bats at night.   The box will be watched closely this spring and summer for occupants...probably Little Brown Bats.
Bat Photo ~ Wikipedia/Don Pfritzer

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