Friday, April 20, 2012

King City trail along the East Humber River

Photos by Barry Wallace

It's sad to see artistic talent misplaced.   I'm not talking about talent wasted on a particular style of art.   Everyone to his or her own taste.   I believe there is a place for taggers or "bombers" with spray paint cans.   I do not, however, think a natural-looking wooden bridge spanning the East Humber River in one of the prettiest, pastoral settings in the village of King City is the place for this inappropriate, if not jarring, work of art.   Fortunately I was quickly distracted by the antics of the Muskrat, pictured below, which was thoroughly enjoying itself in the water under the bridge.   Further along the trail there was a moment to watch a Garter Snake soaking up the sun on a slightly chilly day.   Hopefully the King Works Department will address the tagging/bombing issue and my sensibilities will be restored.

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Barry Wallace  

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