Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Llama ~ scientific name: Glama lama

Photos by Barry Wallace
Here's a face that seems friendly enough.   Or is there a glimmer of mischief and grin of intent in that face, as an unwary photographer approaches the pasture fence?

I thought perhaps as I got close to take a photograph of this friendly-looking llama on King's 15th Sideroad, between the 7th and 8th, that he or she might be judging the distance between me and it, before spitting at me.   After all llamas do spit, don't they?   Well, it didn't spit on me.   In fact, it it seemed down-right amiable.   Apparently, llamas do spit but only at each other, and only when there is a dispute ... usually over food.   I was close enough to scratch this llama's ear but did not.   Those large lower teeth looked a little intimidating.   This llama was in a paddock with horses and I wondered if it was fulfilling a role as a sentry.   Immediately across the road there seemed to be another guardian at work (see photo below) and this one seems to enjoy a certain amount status by wearing its very own 'burrow blanket'.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. I love your llama. so beautiful. what a american symbol.