Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oldest recorded grave in King

Photos by Barry Wallace

son of
Gabriel & Elizabeth
May 6, 1833 
AE 1 yr 3 mo's
& 5 da's

I have always assumed that the oldest recorded graves in King Township would be in the Lloydtown Pioneer Cemetery, given its ancient local history.   But the distinction goes to Nobelton Community Cemetery.   Baby George Hawman's internment at Nobleton, in May of 1833 predates the earliest recorded burial at Lloydtown Pioneer Cemetery by 17 months, when Jane Pinkerton (age 58) was the first to be buried there in September of 1835.   Apparently the first burial at Schomberg occurred sometime in 1833 but there is no record of who it was.   The Quaker Meeting House in Schomberg dates from 1816 and is now part of the Schomberg Union Cemetery.   The Hawmen plots lie in the shade of an old, sprawling birch tree (pictured below).   One of the stones is seen under the branches on the right.   Other Hawmen stones are pictured further below.   My source for this information are the Ontario Genealogical Society's cemetery listings for Nobleton, Schomberg and Lloydtown.   The society has published 26 of these pamphlets for all the cemeteries of King Township and I have a copy of each.   They certainly save a lot of time and legwork.

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