Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April angling at Lake Wilcox

Photos by Barry Wallace 
The two ladies pictured above went to great lengths to prepare themselves and their rubber life raft for some serious fishing on Lake Wilcox this past Sunday afternoon. Their preparations took over an hour of fastidious installations and adjustments, including the attachment of a small battery-operated motor.   When everything seem to be to their satisfaction, they climbed into their rubber watercraft and pushed off from the dock.   They had however tethered their ship to the dock with a rope of about 25 metres, but it turned out that it was exactly their plan to do so.   They began their fishing no more than a short cast from the dock (see photo below).   They were successful in no time at all.

Hauling in the first fish  
Looking good
Looks like a pike...about 24"...well done, ladies
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Barry Wallace

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