Thursday, April 23, 2015

Snow pellets? Soft hail?'s GRAUPEL.

Photo by Barry Wallace
Graupel...who knew?
Not me, that's for sure.   In Wednesday's blog (see below), I published the picture above and asked facetiously: "Who ordered this stuff?"   Tonight, as we watched the local CBC television news, the weatherman said Toronto and area had been hit with graupel (a german word).   Not soft ice pellets...not hard snow pellets...but graupel!   For the record, the World Meteorological Organization says graupel is precipitation that forms when super-cooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake.   It is furthered defined as "small snow pellets encapsulated by ice".   There is much more info online but I won't get into it here.   To me, graupel sounds like some form of apple strudel.   The correct pronunciation, I believe, sounds like 'growl-pull', but for now I'm content just to know how it's spelled.
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Barry Wallace

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